Who is Alex Lasarev?

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Who is Alex Lasarev?

Hi! I’m Alex. I had a tricky childhood. My Mom was carrying a lot of trauma from the USSR. There was not a lot of shadow work going on in Russia,  and so things were somewhat violent on the home front.

Seeking respite, I ran away from home at 15 and was homeless for about a month. After this I was in and out of youth hostels for about 2 years.

My mother decided to leave the planet when I was 18. The good news is, when she passed on, I got to inherit about a million bucks! (And all that unprocessed trauma!)

Naturally, I blew (and got scammed) out of the $ pretty fast.  They even did an article about me, way back in the day. The lessons around $ continued for many years.

Fortunately I had started performing stand-up comedy in 1997 as a way to cope. (It was cheaper than therapy!) By 23, I was earning a living as a comic. In my teens and 20’s I noticed that I liked women. A LOT. But I just couldn’t seem to get a girlfriend. I had a lot of work to do if I was going to get some women into my life.

By a series of mildly miraculous coincidences, I got into the pickup subculture and ended up going viral as a men’s dating coach. I was a key player in creating a niche all about meeting & connecting with women authentically in the daytime.

During this period, I discovered that my own fear of rejection and lack of self love was responsible for my inability to attract a mate. I discovered the power of social freedom and its relation to authentic expression. I developed original exercises that broke down men’s ego’s and allowed them to start conversations with women in everyday situations. My bootcamps cost thousands of dollars and men flocked from all around the world to train with me. I had a global cult following of over 100,000 youtube subscribers. I also founded the Direct Dating Summit in 2010, and the Infinite Man Summit in 2015.

Initially, it was frustration with women that was the driving force in my personal development. However, that was just the beginning.

I had my first spiritual awakening in 2009, which was followed by many such experiences over the next decade. My Spiritual journey went “full tilt” after I retired from teaching live dating courses in 2015. In 2016, I started the Woke.AS Podcast, where I interviewed beings who are on the path of self realization.  In a series of reality-shattering awakenings from 2018-2020; I realized my true self and achieved what some mystics refer to as “liberation.” Although while in the meatsuit, the learning is never finished.

I am a prolific content creator and performer who's also preparing to launch a comedy special and live tour. Most recently, I’m working with a team to create a platform for all beings to find, support and launch projects in alignment with the New Earth. Join me on Sundays over at www.iProject.Love where I speak on all of these topics (sometimes even with special guests!)

What gives me the greatest joy is helping/inspiring others to recognize their divinity and discover what unique gifts they hold, so that they can use those gifts for the benefit of all.

A part of this is helping people attain social freedom/self love/authentic expression so that they can confidently express who they are and what they want. Also, certain spiritual principles must be understood. When we are truly BEING in alignment, we can easily step into the highest timeline so that we can experience the joy that life has to offer!

The foundation for all this is doing the personal shadow work so that one may see and truly recognize one’s true nature as LOVE.

I am also the creator of a unique personal development course called “Comedy Therapy.”  This course allows people to share their unique story in a humorous way, and profoundly shift one’s ability to connect deeply with other beings - and oneself.

I have taught my comedy therapy workshop in London UK, Vancouver, Canada, Las Vegas/Los Angeles/Sedona and online.  It’s extremely exciting to once again be writing and performing stand up comedy. But… from a slightly more liberated perspective.

Thanks for being here! I am VERY excited about the GREAT AWAKENING that is unfolding! May All beings remember the truth of their nature. May all beings be happy….

I Love you - and hope to see you somewhere along your journey soon!


Standup Comedy

A professional standup comic with 25 years experience, Alex is returning to the comedy circuit with his new standup special!

Get a taste in this video, then see upcoming gigs and events below!

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You can join my Standup Comedy telegram group! Just don't tell anyone.

On The Way To Spread Comedy Therapy @ Disclosurefest! :)

Alex started has been performing stand up comedy since the late 90's, and has been on the healing and spiritual path since his first awakening in 2009. He has developed a unique system to help people open up to the most authentic version of themselves. The process is called "Comedy Therapy and Authentic communication." I will be fascinating a short version of this at Disclosurefest! Also, CT will soon be an online course. Please check back!

Upcoming Events

June 21-23 Castac Lake Lagoon, CA! TIX:

Alex's Other Projects

More than just a Comic

Alex has had multiple careers beyond just comedy.

He has been a successful dating coach for men, run self-improvement conferences, hosted a spiritual podcast, spoken at the world's largest anarchist conference, and has been an activist for personal freedom.

Click on the projects to check them out:
  • Sunday Live Stream: Project: Love

    Streaming from this link at 11:11am PST on Sundays. Tune in to join the fun!

  • Love is My New Normal (T-shirts)

    Check out my t-shirts reading 'Love is My New Normal'. If you'd like one, find me in person! (Available online soon.)

  • Woke.As.F*ck Spiritual Podcast

    My Spiritual Podcast which I ran from 2017 to 2021. There's some gold episodes there! Find it here.

  • SocialMedia42.tv

    A pandemic project that used comedy to poke fun at the system. Check it here.

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