WTF is comedy therapy?


Comedy Therapy Online Feb - 2024

Average people don't talk about the most challenging aspects of their stories.

Exceptional people joke about them!

Being able to see (and share) the funny side with others is an accurate barometer of how comfortable we are with our humanity.  

In this one day intensive, you’ll discover that your unique story/trauma/drama is hiding comedy gold. It’s your job to FIND it. Being able to to authentically share those parts of your story (while laughing your ass off) is very healing. We’ve got some juicy games that get you to OPEN UP and be honest/vulnerable about who you really are. This helps you live your entire life in a far more authentic way.

So, whether you want to just have deeper connections with people, feel more comfortable in your own skin, improve your public speaking, or actually perform stand up comedy… this is the course for you!

What Are the Benefits of Comedy Therapy?

Comedy Therapy can help to shed some much-needed light (and relief) on our stored trauma. Our tools? Pointing out the absurdities of being led into adulthood by completely unqualified parents! And trust me, they are all unqualified! Unless your mom and dad were fully enlightened masters, they were imperfect beings with their own limiting thoughts, patterns, traumas, and beliefs.

We are often so vulnerable and eager to learn as children, that we pick up those patterns from our parents - we have no choice!

Traumas happen (as a child, even thinking you’ve lost your mom in a grocery store for half a minute can be an extremely traumatic event!), and adult life is no picnic either. Shit happens, and it affects us.

If you’ve been paying attention to the developments in the fields of healing/spirituality/psychology you’ll know that we’ve been consistently discovering that trauma, along with the stress it produces, is the cause of the vast majority of health problems people experience. For most this manifests as tight muscles/pains/spinal misalignments, etc etc. Rather than facing (and releasing) the stored trauma, most people develop mechanisms to avoid similar situations that arise throughout life. These avoidance mechanisms stem directly from UNPROCESSED memories / emotions from our past, and significantly reduce our ability to be in the moment and enjoy LIFE itself. This also leads to less authentic and fulfilling relating with other beings. why not let that stuff go in the most enjoyable way possible?

Yes, we truly can relieve *some* of that pain using nature’s oldest medicine. Comedy!

What happens on this course?

We use several processes and techniques to get people PRESENT in the moment, and then to OPEN their hearts. Then we play some very fun (and slightly intense) games that get people SHARING their TRUTH. You will remember some great stories about your life - and you will LAUGH YOUR ASS off about'em!

What are the benefits of this course?

After this course you will feel much lighter, and will be FAR confortable in new social situations.

You will see the humour in all of life's tricky situations!

And most importantly, you will get to know yourself better (and your traumas) on a much deeper level.

You will be able to connect more authentically with everyone you meet. (And all your current relations too!)

Everyone has some shit. Are you ready to see the funny side of yours?

Who is this course for?

If you want to:

Get comfortable talking about/laughing about your "shadow"

Push your boundaries and overcome your fear of public speaking

Be more comfortable meeting new people/making first impressions

Stop taking life so seriously

Just want to have a great time and meet some amazing people

Perform stand up comedy....

Comedy Therapy may be just the thing for you!  

Why do you do a sliding scale for the course?

I used to charge $500 for this one day course. However, sharing this is my unique gift and my absolute joy! So, I would like as many beings to benefit from this training as possible. If the lower end of the sliding scale is still out of your budget, do reach out to me and we'll see what we can do!

Who came up with comedy therapy?

Comedy Therapy just kind of “happened” in 2015.

I was participating in one of Steve Pavlina’s workshops. It was a crazy workshop that was purposefully unplanned. All about trusting the universe and going with the flow!

I offered to teach the participants how to perform stand-up comedy. They were keen, and we went for it.

I shared my own story, told a few jokes, and showed the group how to discover the comedy gold in their lives – specifically in the challenging moments that they’ve been through.

I gave everyone the opportunity to share part of their story to the group. At first only a couple of people volunteered, and they did great. As the night went on, more and more people shared, until eventually everyone had shared a bit of their story.

Everyone was funny… And finally we were able to see the value of sharing our experiences - even the ones we thought were better left unsaid!

Not only was it EXTREMELY funny - the healing experienced by the group was profound. Sharing their shit was so relieving and freeing! EVERYONE laughed their asses off – not only at everyone else’s traumatic, fucked up lives, but at their own! It was like a HUGE weight off their shoulders. Everyone felt it.

I realized that I was on to something… And comedy therapy was born!

After my “fluke” teaching comedy therapy in 2015, something moved in me. I had felt the power of this authentic self expression, and I knew this was something I wanted to bring to the world!

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me on telegram:


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